Ethan Gardner

“The Soldier Salute”- Retired US Army Veteran Shawn “The Veteran Guy” Laurie

"Don't talk about it, be about it!"

Our host spoke with Shawn “The Veteran Guy” Laurie about his two deployments to Afghanistan, his severe opioid addiction brought on by injuries in the Army, and his amazing recovery! Laurie now spends much of his time touring the country to tell his story and helping veterans overcome addiction and mental health issues. Full interview: Shawn “The Veteran Guy”: VetLife4Life:

“The Soldier Salute”- US Army SSgt Aaron Gilliard

"Coming full circle"

SSgt Gilliard spoke with our host about growing up in a low income home, his time in Ramadi, Iraq, and his passion for helping local youth that are living how he did as a child. Recruiting Station Facebook- Full Interview-    

“The Soldier Salute”- US Marine Veteran Dave Parker

"A Recon Radio Operator"

Veteran of the Battle of Fallujah, Dave Parker spoke with our host about his time with 2nd Recon Battalion as a radio operator, his growing career in the sports nutrition industry, his new company called Spotters Sports Nutritions and his experiences in the Iraq War. Spotters Sports Nutritions- Full Interview-